18 dating 40 year old

But when I prepositioned for him to meet me for S5 an hour, he agreed.

On our first date, we met at a fancy restaurant in Buona Vista.

Because I felt like I owed him, I agreed to go home with him.

During the hours we spent in bed, I didn’t own my body, Dan did.

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40 Year Olds can indeed date 18 Year Olds, despite the age gap. so if you consider illegal to be wrong, then yes, it is wrong.

But after meeting an endless string of 20-year-old F-boys got boring, I decided to explore Tinder’s other territory—men who were 40 and above.

I remembered how I swore to keep sex for someone I loved, and thought, “How the hell did I get here? When I asked if he planned to settle down, he brushed off my question by saying he’d had plenty of hook-ups, but I was his first ‘hook-er’. I got out of bed, hopped into the shower and got dressed quickly.

Probably realising he’d offended me, Dan left and placed three hours worth of sugar money (S5) on the kitchen counter.

After a moment of hesitation, I pocketed the money and left.

As I sat in the train home, I thought about Dan and what I’d do with the S5.

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And it made me feel trapped and aware of how exchanging sex for cash was so unnatural.

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