Accommodating voice and video in campus networks

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) v1.0 is an instructor-led training course presented by Cisco training partners.

This five-day course is designed to help students prepare for Cisco CCNP® certification.

If the stage preamplifiers have Dante connectivity, as is the case with Red Net’s MP8R multichannel units, then all the stage inputs also can be routed on the network to a secondary console in the overflow venue for generating a dedicated mix best suited to the layout and acoustics of that room.

The course also covers secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice, and video traffic into campus networks.

“We also have bridges for Dante to AES3, which is a popular format for loudspeaker processors, power amplifiers and powered loudspeakers ...

and Red Net allows [churches] to integrate this infrastructure into a Dante-based network, whether in a permanent installation or temporary overflow applications.” More complex scenarios also are accommodated with relative ease using an audio network.

Many churches have a large investment in these systems, and Red Net allows them to integrate this infrastructure into a Dante-based network, whether in a permanent installation or temporary overflow applications.” One basic overflow application (“spillover” to the Brits) is shown in the accompanying diagram, where a Red Net A16R interface connects to the main FOH mixer and feeds a pair of powered loudspeakers.

A more complex overflow system might be better served via AES3 outputs, as shown for the main auditorium.

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But even if the overflow venue is connected for video, either with a direct feed or Internet stream, audio problems often persist.

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