Are aislinn paul and munro chambers dating 2016

Main plot (Katie/Drew) - Now this episode did something that I don't really seem to recall the show ever doing; both parts focused on the same issue (Drew and Katie's breakup) but each part focused on a different perspective.In part one, we saw Katie dealing with the aftermath, and in part two, we saw Drew working to repair his relationship with Bianca.Luke Bilyk showed some much-improved acting here, and I'm glad Drew is finally getting some help for his serious medical condition.Subplot A (Eli/Becky) - This was a good plot that shows what happens when two people with massive egos go against each other.

And of course Maya killed her audition and is now part of Mo's band.

Just when I was starting to like Katie, she does all of this.

Her also confessing to Snake was a bit surprising, but I can't help but think it's all part of some plan she has.

As for Drew, I'm glad they followed up with his fall from the season premiere.

And I'm glad they brought up that this wasn't his first concussion - he received one when he was MMA fighting - and the show did a great job portraying his struggles.

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