Aspxgridview rowupdating event not firing

The page returns to the Non-Edit Mode and Clyde still displays as the user's name. I ran the page and clicked on "Edit" next to "Martha". However, I discovered that if you change the Sql Data Source1 control to add or delete columns, a dialog pops asking if you want to "Refresh the Fields and Keys ..." This is where the problem occurs since it clears the Data Key Names entry (the pop-up tells you that, but who read the fine print? Here is an example: // x is a random number, or some key code from the user if(!somespe I am trying to overflow one buffer in to another as a laboration to learn. This leads me to beleive there is something going on with the Selected Index value, or something funny like that. I have spent the past week tracking this problem and narrowed it down to a missing entry in the Grid View, the "Data Key Names" entry. Finally, I noticed that there was no Initially I used Bound Field and the update was working GOOD but it allowed editing the entire three fields.

My graphics assets are based on 568x320 resolution (16/9 ration), I want to change my window resolution (1136x640 for example) and my graphics are scaled without stretching, that they keep pixe This question is slightly related to my old post Dealing with Alias URLs in Cake PHP After much thought, I am exploring the option of having a custom 404 script in my Cake App, that is reached when a URL does not map to any controllers/actions.

I am having problems with my gridview update, it doesn't update the record in the database, it doesn't generate an error either, it just reloads the page with the previous values.

Here is my code, could someone give it a look see what I'm doing wrong. I have followed, with precision, the instructions found in the "Lesson 8: Working with Grid View and Form View" video from the "Videos for ASP.

Does a ping response contain the MAC address of the device or is it possible to ask for it over a local n Due to some bug in a C extension, I'm getting unicode data with str instances, or in order words, str with no encoding at all and an unicode literal.

So, for instance, this is a valid unicode literal I'm working on an application which uses data from db which has to be populated prior to the application being able to run.

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I have a problem while trying to connect to my database.

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