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I’m hoping I’m pronouncing his French name well enough. The way I sought the positioning and the way we launched Attractive World was very different from the other websites. You can sign up and after one month, you will know if you’re accepted as a founder member or not. So they told me that I should make something more serious for them. When you had 5,000 people apply, roughly, and 1,000 get accepted, you’re rejecting 80% of the people who want to be part of your network based on what?Otherwise, just do it and we will support you.” When they say that, it was the idea about Attractive World, the dating website I created in 2007. So they finally said to you, “Look, you’re never going to do this, so either do it or shut up about it.” You finally said, “All right, this is the idea. In 2007, there was only one dating website in France called Meetic. In business, points are the revenue and the expenses and the dollars that you end up with at the end of the day.The reason I like Bench–do you know Bench, Ludovic? Also there are a lot of events organized by the community as well. The first month, maybe 30 or 50 events every month organized by the members. That’s why I think that somehow it was good that I didn’t know anything about internet because when you know internet, you cannot create this kind of concept–15 minutes to sign up, you have to wait for three days to get accepted or not and after people have to pay. People who knew internet told me that, “Ludovic, you are crazy. You are totally crazy and you want to make people pay very, very high fee.” And that’s why when you know internet, you cannot start like that. As an applicant, because you know that the people you are going to meet will be involved and will be interesting people and your interest to what for the new people is that when you vote–for example, I am a woman and I vote for you, I know that you will talk to me first because you will know that I voted for you. When you are accepted, you send a message to every people who voted for you. So, after two years, the first two years of the website was free. It was not easy because a lot of potential investors were very scared about this business model. So, I raised more money with private investors and also they told me that I was crazy because with this money, I told them I wanted to invest on TV. It was difficult to attract a lot of people through online ads.: They’re a newish company, raised a lot of money, making a lot of impact in the startup world because what they do is they use software and people to get people’s accounting done right. Ten seconds is a pain, but you’re just getting going and things are doing okay. So you start the conversation the first day with a lot of different people who voted for you. Pricing–you mentioned after this application, not only do they have to apply, you said it took three minutes to apply, they had to wait three days before people accepted them. We knew that the business model could work because we were seeing the conversion rates and they were very good and the churn was very low and we had a very good lifetime value. That’s why I went– : That’s essentially what Andrew Chen was saying in that post, that it’s too expensive to buy ads online and get enough people to come in.It’s called–and if you’re listening to me, you’ve got to write this down. For years I’ve been telling people about Toptal being the place to go hire a great developer, but yesterday I talked to this guy, Raj, whose company was acquired by Toptal.

Can I hire your friends to come and do this for me, for my smaller company? ” Those people could go to Raj’s company and Raj will introduce them to these experts, to these people who are management consultants and they will then hire them on a project basis. So, now anyone who’s listening to me who wants to hire someone to help them think about pricing–like you were, you were at a place where you just said, “I’ll double the price of my biggest competitor,” but maybe tripling would have been better.We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests.By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms.Or people will then go and hire an individual bookkeeper and say, “I want you to do my books the way you do other people’s books,” which is a problem because you’re trusting one person who may be sick one week or who may take their eye off the ball or make a mistake, etc. We had 35% of people who would get accepted by the community who paid.So the answer to not have those mistakes and not have those headaches but still get the points that drive us as entrepreneurs is to use Bench. How do you know that the matches are working out the way you imagined? The concept of Attractive World is that you need to get accepted by the community to use the website. There were a lot of events organized by the community. So the conversion rate was very high and the lifetime value was very high as well. After we make people pay, we make people pay and we saw that the conversion rate was very good.

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  1. Truly, what you’re going through is universal, and you’re not wrong to feel frustrated. You actually have to have the guts to leave a no-win situation, and many women do not. You’ve been seeing a guy for a month and you want clarity. “Don’t do anything.”As a woman, you just have to sit back and let him do what he wants.