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He concluded that both images couldn't have been made by the same person.After Wyrick's death, Colonel Charles Whittlesey published a paper in 1872 in which he recalls discovering a Hebrew Bible among Wyrick's personal items.Wyrick shows Moses wearing a beret instead of a turban.He also shows Moses in a 19th-century dress instead of the flowering robe shown on the stone.It contains one phrase on each side: On this stone were carved Hebrew text that was translated as a condensed version of the Ten Commandments.

The version used was post-Exilic, which would not be from a "Lost" Tribe.

Some believe that the person or group responsible for the inscription had to have an extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language.

Given that Wyrick made a large number of mistakes on the woodcuts seem to indicate that he may not have been the stone's author. Moseley, Jr., former art director of the Ohio Historical Society, compared the carving of Moses on the stone to Wyrick's woodcut copy.

Some argue that Wyrick could have become more desperate as time went by providing the motivation to commit such an act.

In 1861, Wyrick published a pamphlet that described his account of the artifact discoveries.

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