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She may have been avoiding you, but you came up to her.So instead of being rude, she gives you a quickie hug. This is one warm hug you don’t mind getting from her, just like all the other crumbs of attention she throws your way.Hugging is a common greeting and expression of warmth, and a meaningful sign showing you care about a person.There’s a thin line between platonic hugs of greeting and something more.[Read: 10 clear signs you should back off when you’re pursuing a girl] #1 The proper and polite hug. This can be offensive if not for the accompanying “polite smile.” If you’re out on a date with her, and she gives you this hug, it means she’s not into you and perhaps will not want to go out with you again. This hug happens when you catch each other in the street or somewhere public, and she’s in a hurry.Acknowledging you with a hug, no matter how quick can mean one thing—they are happy to see you but are truly in a hurry to head somewhere else.[Read: 18 signs you’re clearly in a girl’s friend zone] # 4 The bear hug.You know when you’re so close and comfortable with each other you can do just about anything without being self-conscious? She doesn’t care if the hug messes her outfit or her hair, she’ll run to you with arms wide open and then hug you tightly. Bad news: she most likely just sees you as a dear friend. * [Read: 13 naughty ways to get out of a girl’s friend zone in no time] #5 The sleepy shoulder hug.

This means she likes you or she’s comfortable around you.

If you just met her, you’re in luck because she feels comfortable around you already.

If you’ve been seeing her for a while, you’re in luck too.

It really just puts you back into that all-too-familiar friend zone. Perhaps the most awkward of all hugs, the one-sided, unreciprocated hug is when you hug her, and she lets you, but her arms are limp on her sides with her body becoming stiff.

If she gives you this at the end of the first date, don’t expect a second one.

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