Boy dating brothers widow Sexdating in zambia

Rather than getting in trouble, he discovers a host of new pleasures.

First Bikini (M g, b g, 1st, exhib, interr, reluc, preg) A pre-teen girl gets her first bikini and is confused by the feelings it awakens in her.

New Territory (b g, 1st, inc) A girl writes to her best friend about her new home.

The Pack (b g, 1st) A girl enjoys the attention of four boys, and they all revel in the newly-discovered pleasures of sex.

Teacher's Pet Girl (Mg, bg, 1st, slow) A teacher has fun with a former female student.

This story is mostly the same story as "Teacher's Pet Boy," except that the student is a girl.

Trick and Treat (bb Fb , 1st, exhib, slow) A pre-teen delinquent talks the straight-laced neighbor boy into trick-or-treating au naturel; a lonely young woman turns a trick, and the boys get an unexpected treat.

Young Lover (Fb, 1st, preg) A young woman falls for a cute, pre-teen boy.

Dear Diary (b-solo, exhib, bg, 1st) A pre-teen boy is caught masturbating by his mother.

If you are offended by such content, please leave now. No-Pajamas Party (b /b , 1st, exhib, anal, oral) A boy gets invited to a sleepover with his new friends, but it's not what he expects.

I hope you will enjoy my stories, but if you don't, I don't mind: There are plenty of other stories to read. Transgender Boy (bb, exhib, tg, 1st, oral, anal) A cross-dressing boy becomes a little too much like a girl.

Stay-boy (b, drug, nosex) A fictional advertisement for a puberty-delaying drug for boys.

Stay-boy History (b, mf, exhib, drug) A companion piece to Stay-boy.

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