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This was the option supported by the vast majority of residents in a survey by the council last month.

Once the scheme has been drawn up then the proposals will need to be voted on but this is hopefully the next step in restoring the building after it was badly damaged by fire earlier this year.

Both cost over £400 each, now selling for £75 each or £100 for the pair. £65 ovno - collection only from NG9 *t SVARTA Loft bed frame and desk ( NO MATTRESS ) . H Here is a nice single bed, complete with well made mattress.

Both beds are solid and well made but could benefit from a repaint. Mattresses ar I was let down so back up for sale The only 2 parts with marks is on the pictures, where my daughter put stickers on them. The bed frame is in very good condition in metallic grey but the desk has some marks and some blobs of glue on it but I am sure this wouldn't take much to clean of or repaint. The base is sprung top, that means it feels like you are sleeping on two mattresses.

Having had my bike stolen a couple of years ago I’m all in favour of this.

Broxtowe residents will be able to swap locks at Eastwood Market on 7 After years of everyone hearing about cuts, cuts and more cuts I’m delighted to report that Broxtowe Borough Council are in fact taking on staff.

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If you require further information please contact 0115 9173625.

Otherwise in excellent condition Priced low to get a quick sale as its in my way now.

Collection bulwell IKEA Flaxa single bed with two large storage drawers underneath and Pull out book case headboard. Dimensions of bed frame only : 97cm wide, 207cm long, 44cm high Dimensions with headboard in place as in photos "Part of the Grafton collection.

Chapter Four I went to court looking and feeling like myself.

I had my own hair, my own nails and a lot of support. She had previously been to see me at work and told me how she could support me when I was being questioned.

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