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But when this very situation happened to Stephanie Davis, it seemed to backfire.

After Steph posted a pic of her and Calum looking pretty cosy on a bootcamp in Marbella together (they were also there with Gabby Allen and Dan Osbourne.

Theo is a comedian, and the two were dating for a while, but it didn’t work out for them.

Brandi has been having a good time and said at the time she was crushing on three different guys.

Series three of Celebs Go Dating starts on Monday, September 4.

Hopefully, he is ready for a relationship now and knows what he needed to change.

The show was all about learning what you needed to do differently in the future.

They are getting along great and still spending time together, but Brandi and Calum are obviously not together.

When Brandi and Calum started dating on the show, she knew that he was going to be going back home, and it would be hard for it to ever become anything.

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Hunky model Calum is one of the celebs on the new line up but finding him a match proved difficult.

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