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He was not a man prone to exaggerate, and remembered obscure details of events from his youth, at the time of his death in his mid 90s.

I never doubted his story even with my own experience with my car. Mike Gene, You might be correct but I could not possibly drive my '35 Standard coupe at a sustained speed of 55. The engine noise at that speed just keeps telling me to slow down. and in the case of older cars somewhere around 20 to 30 M.

I would say that currently the prices and interest in our golden oldies 1933---1935 has waned due to the time of the year.....

I only need a 34-35 chev lynch Mike, I and the car are near Warren. My father in law found this car in a local garage it had been stored there for 30 plus years. Brakes, tires, fuel tank and anything that was required to get it road ready. Mike Hi Rick, sorry that your car did not sell on EBay and seemed like a fair market price for the condition it was in.The cars top speed is 45 on a good day plus with the mechanical brakes and no synchro’s it is hard to find back country roads with a min speed limit of 50 and forget the highway unless you trailer it! Rory If in good condition 55 MPH is a good speed for the engine and driver.65 is really pushing it as a sustained speed on an interstate.Amazing whats hidden under paint and what idiots can do who don't have a clue about correct way to do things.The doors must open without dropping even 1/4"Gene, You might be correct but I could not possibly drive my '35 Standard coupe at a sustained speed of 55. The engine noise at that speed just keeps telling me to slow down. on the Interstate Highway in my 1936 (going down hill with the clutch pushed in).

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JON , looks like tough decision, trading wife for car ??? Good things at the right price appear all too infrequently, a wise man ignores the opposite sex and steps up and says, I will take that and suffer the consequences.

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  1. Before going any further…spoilers from previous seasons and the season 6 premiere are discussed during this interview. Question: When you look at this character, what do you think she represents from that time period, as far as women are concerned? I mean, you guys know, I mean, we just had that conversation. But he’s also extraordinarily talented and it’s at once comforting but also I feel like I want to hold my own in a scene with him. He’s really there, in there, in that scene with you — literally sometimes. But, I have very broad tastes so for me it’s about the story and the character. But, something like this, a romantic comedy in which we had a little bit of time to explore stuff, we would start with the script and if something else happened, we would go with it. But, it also means, because of the way that set is built, you have to be there a lot. I guess it’s a little part of that culture of secrecy, the protecting of the story. It’s so interesting how you could see that evolution of her turning into that person she became. Or are there moments where you guys are hitting Take 30? Have there been any big changes or is it more like a comma is in a different place? I personally think the world of them and I really like hanging out with them but we don’t go play mini-putt. What have you seen recently that you’ve maybe binge-watched that you really loved? I’ll be hanging out on the Internet and it’s just on all the time.