Cmt alabama dating show who is alan rickman dating

This slick city boy plans to live and die in the city.

He’s convinced you can’t flourish and succeed anywhere else.

Will Kelsey be willing to give up the South for LA?

Another Los Angeles native, Anthony is boastful about his liberal alignment. Not only does he describe himself as “handsome” and “charming,” he also exists on about 12 hours of sleep a week.

The environmental activist and political organizer claims he’s President Obama’s biggest supporter. What’s the confident 25-year-old Jersey boy doing with the rest of his hours? He may have some wild ways, but this student still knows a thing or two about chivalry and romance.

How will that play off with a Southern girl like Kelsey? He believes it’s still the man’s job to protect and provide for his woman. How did this 24-year-old end up with a nickname like Dash? Dash was involved in a car accident so serious that he left an imprint of his body on his friend’s dashboard. Dash is like a real-life Matt Saracen (from For many of these city boys, Kelsey’s Southern charms may seem pretty foreign.

Whether they’re born and raised city boys or bred down on the farm, they’re each hoping to win a chance with this Southern belle.

Southern beauty Paige Duke, a season two fan-favorite, has decided to give love another chance in the third season of Sweet Home Alabama.

A lot of these men hope to be the providers of the family, but Todd is already doing that. providing tons of refreshments to California girls on a regular basis.

But will bartending, surfing and competitive jiu-jitsu be enough to put a roof over his Southern girl’s head?

Tribble Reese has decided to give love another chance.

He will be faced with the tough decision of city versus country in the search for his Ms.

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He’s enthusiastic, persuasive and isn’t easily deterred.

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