Communication problems dating

That’s what captures the listener’s attention most.

Unfortunately, your spoken message will be diminished or even misunderstood, because you set up your partner to be defensive and frustrated rather than responsive and understanding.

It’s pretty tough to focus on your troubles when you are nearly out of breath …

Take a look at the following communication mistakes and learn how they can be resolved.Yelling unleashes lots of strong, negative emotion.No matter what you are trying to communicate at that point, the emotion is going to take center stage.This doesn’t mean you should try to shove your emotions out of the way.They may be a very important part of your situation.

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Some competition is OK, but anything that isn’t mutual and playful could build a wall. Football games on TV, soccer games at the high school, getting ahead at work, Christmas displays in the neighborhood — you name it and someone will try to win it.

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