Dad dating after mom died

My siblings, my dad's children, came down from Detroit for a while, and all of the family was there for the memorial service.For a couple of months, it seemed like something positive might come out of this horrible pain.The next day, my dad went into the hospital to find her in convulsions and unresponsive. I flew down the next day, and she died two days later.She was never conscious while I was there, and I never got to say goodbye. The following weeks were incredibly painful for me, but I was glad for the support of my family.Yes, it's true, I'm glad he's not horribly depressed and withdrawn, but this is anything but appropriate.The rest of my mom's ashes are still in the house, in a box in her art studio.

The next day, after going to brunch with his siblings, Dad went to my sister's house for dinner.He's positively glowing." She didn't mean it as a compliment.My wife and I went out to dinner on the 21st for our anniversary, and while the original plan was for my dad to watch our kids, my grandmother offered to watch them instead. The next day, Dad picked up Mary and we all drove to my grandma's house for dinner.She had had many health problems over the years, including a Hepatitis C infection from a blood transfusion in the late 80s and a stroke in 1995, but we didn't have any reason to think she was critically ill.After the colonoscopy, however, the doctor told her that, even though her lab work was not critical, she would probably need a liver transplant.

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They drove to Grand Rapids and now they're in Chicago, "on vacation together".

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