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As a result, until the turn of the century about half of all children born did not live to see their 21st birthday (Magner, 1992).

No one knows how many persons have died prematurely as a result of rejecting medicine on religious grounds, but the number is likely in the tens-of-thousands. Eddy claimed her church’s bible called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was co-authored by her and God.

It began in 1879 with 26 members, fewer than a dozen of which were active, and has grown into a major American denomination (Stark, 1998, p. Christian Science reading rooms are now found in every large city and in many small American towns.

Not a sect of the poor, but rather mostly middle and upper class citizens who built churches that are typically large, expensive and well-maintained edifices.

Furthermore, even absurd beliefs can be dressed in clothing so attractive that they appeal to millions-and the teaching of Christian Science are masterpieces of duplicity (for example see Westberg 1998).

They often attracted the uninformed, or those who had negative experiences with doctors or conventional medicine-no small number.

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This belief, widely held by Christians, Jews and Muslins alike, would not cause controversy in most religious circles today.

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