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Phrase Mix is the best way to learn English quickly, and listening to the audio lessons is the best way to enjoy Phrase Mix. You use this word instead of "man" when you're talking to your friends or in a casual situation like at a party.Become a Phrase Mix Premium member to read thousands of English lessons and articles, download high-quality audio, and use our amazing review system! The person you're talking about can either be someone that you know, or someone who you don't know but don't have high respect for.Maybe he has a determination that you like, or a kindness or a sense of humour.Just the act of trying to search for things you admire in others and telling them will make you seem more confident and attractive.

Show him that you can do things of importance to him.

They aren’t looking to win at every single thing in the world, nor are they interested in belittling the efforts of others by feigning indifference to their skills and achievements.

Many of the most confident people I know have heroes and heroines, not to mention mentors whom they look to for inspiration to be better.

Truly confident people manage to combine three traits that make them attractive in conversation – embody these on a first date, and you’ll impress a guy much faster than you will by showing off and singing your own praises: (a) Modesty – Truly confident people are comfortable enough with their personality to know where they fall short, and they have a sense of realism and humour about their blunders.

Arrogant people are too scared to admit fault or doubt, because it interferes with their view of themselves as above those around them.

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The word "arrogant" is negative: In this example, "emotional" and "sentimental" are two words that have similar meanings. So this sentence describes very precisely how emotional the film was.

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