Dating a man with emotional baggage

Man with emotional baggage constantly returns to the starting point, and you will continue to be perplexed. Also there are fools who believe that emotional baggage cannot in any way affect our present, let alone the future. If you notice that your life is going in an enchanted circle, this may mean that you are dragging along an unnecessary, destructive emotional baggage.Carrying emotional baggage is harder for those people who pretend that everything is fine and that they take only positive experience from everything.These people lie not only to others - their main problem is that they lie to themselves.However, a man who is still pining over a lost love is never going to be emotionally available to you.The relationship will never develop any real intimacy because his emotions are focused on someone else.Insight makes a big difference, with all the varieties of baggage you can run into.If he knows himself well enough, he can work on getting over his issues or at least not being ruled by them.

Dealing with emotional baggage is not the easiest thing and here is why.If he has no idea, then he will repeat the same patterns.Scott Thompson has been writing professionally since 1990, beginning with the "Pequawket Valley News." He is the author of nine published books on topics such as history, martial arts, poetry and fantasy fiction.Some men like to think of themselves as knights in shining armor who ride off to rescue damsels in distress.If you've been going through a hard time -- for whatever reason -- it might feel nice to date a would-be rescuer.

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