Dating a new guy tips

And sometimes it seems like he isn't attracted to me.Well he doesn't drink every time but when he does, he gets relaxed and tells me a lot about himself.. This could be a good thing because most guys try to rush in to my pants.But he treats me well and I enjoy our conversations. Sexual chemistry isn't going to grow when he is actively keeping a lid on it.thanks for your input.. It's like a "thing" when you do or when you don't too.So I know eventually we will just need to do it..maybe planning a date to do it makes more sense?I mean, I am successful in the sense that I take care of myself but by no means do I make more money or anything.

Taking things slow is new for me so I'm trying to figure out how to progress the right way..My advice to you is take the lead when it comes to sharing your sexuality with each other.Once he feels secure in the relationship, and has a better idea of how you want him to act with you, he'll learn.I am trying to "take things slow" and he is really respectful about that. He assures me that he isn't going anywhere and we can go as slow as I like.I KNOW he can probably be a power house in bed because we did slightly fool around one night and DAMN.

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