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The authors, acknowledged experts in their fields, synthesize key events, set developments within the larger historical context, and, most important, present well-balanced, well-written accounts that integrate the most recent scholarship in the field.The topics were chosen by an advisory board composed of historians, high school history teachers, and school librarians to support the curriculum and meet student research needs.Still others bridge cultures and continents by examining the voyages of discovery, the Atlantic slave trade, and the Age of Imperialism.Some focus on intellectual questions x Series Foreword that have shaped the modern world, such as Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, or on turning points such as the Age of Romanticism.This book will regard the Reformation Era as a basically religious movement with important political and social consequences and make the case for it as the beginning point for modern history.

Reading these works can lead to a more sophisticated understanding of the events and debates that have shaped the modern world and can stimulate a more active engagement with the issues that still affect us. This period witnessed profound economic, social, political, cultural, religious, and military changes. — (Greenwood guides to historic events, 1500–1900, ISSN 1538-442X) Includes bibliographical references and index. The series closes with 1900, the inauguration of the twentieth century.The volumes are designed to serve as resources for student research and to provide clearly written interpretations of topics central to the secondary school and lower-level undergraduate history curriculum.Each author outlines a basic chronology to guide the reader through often-confusing events and presents a historical overview to set those events within a narrative framework.

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