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It’ll usually start off small: It’s written humorously, but it’s a passive way to test the waters to see if you’re potentially open to having more intimate or risque conversations.Hot to spot him: The skilled “player” uses very subtle flirtations, first dipping his toes into your pool and checking to see if the water is warm.The last move a guy usually makes while chatting with you online will be the sexual innuendo.

The following tips are some of the techniques online “players” use.How this plays out online takes time and dedication.He’ll text you first thing in the morning so that he’s the first thing you think about.If done in a way that isn’t too intrusive in your schedule, this online personality will ease his way into every aspect of your day – even your lunch break and your train ride home. You mention you’ve taken some photography classes, and he announces he’s an expert photographer with ,000 worth of camera equipment. The rule of thumb is if he sounds too good to be true—if every one of your interests seem to mesh so perfectly into his—it’s probably not true. Some core interests may align, but not usually all.And if he’s only 20- or 30-something, the odds are also pretty good he hasn’t had time to become an “expert” in that many things.

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