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This describes the way the lock is mounted into the door, drawer or frame.

A full mortise lock is totally concealed within a space below the surface. No part of the lock body is accessible without removing the entire lock from the wood, a trick but not impossible.

The most devilish of the security devices is a set of internal, randomly spaced, spring held levers that be must aligned into a predetermined position to allow the bolt to pass.

Apparently the English of the 19th century had a much greater need for security than did the Americans to be forced to come up with this idea.

Fortunately, most of them are conveniently labeled as “Lever” locks so you don’t have to waste a lot of time on them. The other common problems with locks are missing center pins and broken or missing springs.

That is so the key can fit over a pin, which is installed in the center of the lock.

The key uses this pin as a fulcrum to apply the required force to activate the bolt. We’ve got a key with the right size blade and the right size hole in the barrel. Sometimes there are some primitive anti-intruder devices that must be defeated.

– Most of us in the real world (at least as we perceive it and ourselves) are considered to be hardworking, easy to get along with and above all, honest individuals.

For the most part we are not politicians or lawyers so that description is fairly universal and fairly accurate.

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