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India Club has state-of-the-art Sports and Health facilities comparable to the best in the world.

The Club provides its members with top class facilities in the field of Sports, Social Amenities, Entertainment, Recreation and promotion of Business.The Artificial Intelligence Week Middle East Conference will focus on a cross-industry discussion, the conference will provide a platform to learn proven case studies and success stories across industries...Digital Banks and Innovators Conference will look at digital opportunities and how banks can utilize technology to help mitigate many of the region’s biggest challenges and, by doing so, keep pace with...SPS Automation Middle East aims to gather the professionals of the Automation, Io T and Artificial Intelligence Industry under one roof, providing the right platform to showcase the latest innovations and...Business and Financial Modelling will cover areas like Understand the significance of proper formulation and interpretation of models, Apply statistical tools such as Exponential Smoothing, Regression,...

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  1. Taylor and Mayer were rumored to be somewhat hot and heavy pre- interview, and many of us hoped that Swifty would kick his racist, sexist, homophobic douche ass to the curb. Meanwhile, if Cory wasn’t enough cover for Swifty, she went out to lunch with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner yesterday (photos here).