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A new single-player experience from Obsidian Entertainment, with more than a pinch of corporate satire, it looks set to inject some fun into the classic Fallout formula we know and love.Set on the frontier of space, The Outer Worlds has the player awakening from hibernation amidst a conspiracy to destroy Halycon – a colony residing at the edge of the galaxy driven by big-brand corporations.The service begins, and you get your first bill right then and there — no tricky stuff or fine print.You'll pay the flat rate for the "basics" and how much data you want, plus required federal and state taxes (came out to about .50 for us).Whether in the Project Fi app or website, you can add or remove gigabytes of data to take effect on your bill.Nothing is set in stone until the first day of your next month of service.

For example our first bill on Fi is from June 12, which was the day we started service, and the second bill is right on time at July 12. As we mentioned before, when you prepay for your month of service you're paying for how much data you For example if you paid for 3GB of data in a month, but only used 2.27GB, you'll be refunded .30 for the 730MB you had paid for and not used.

Six main character stats There'll be six main character stats influencing your character's skills, speed, and success in both combat and social interaction: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception, Charm, and Temperament.

It's the last one that interest us most: does a grumpy temperament stop people wanting to talk to you, or an easy-going one change your dialogue options?

You have all of the power here to decide how much you pay and use, and Project Fi makes it simple to follow your monthly usage.

You can view past bills to see how much you used before, and for the current month you can view your daily usage — split between "your device" and "tethered devices" for clarity — in the Fi app or website.

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"The world is affected by your actions Starks also explained that the player's actions not only affects the story but the world around them.

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