Dating exclusively but not in a relationship

I’m taking a massive risk by putting my heart on the line for you.

I don’t want to put in the time and effort if you’re going to be dating two other women at the same time. If we’re moving past the first date, that means that I really like you.

It just means you both are dating no one else, but each other. ✦ It surely is something more serious than casual flings, but it should not be misunderstood with commitments.✦ It is like an agreement to try to be exclusive for each other.

This may pursue a serious, committed relationship.✦ So it is a little more than "just hooking up", but can't even be considered as "fully blown dating".✦ Studies say that commitment takes a minimum of 6 months of exclusive dating.

But dating in a different, modern time means that nothing kills the romance faster than a super early talk about where things are going. I think it’s normal to expect to be exclusive while we’re on the road to defining things.

I start dreaming about real love the longer we’re together.

It's not that this didn't exist before, but it's just that today's youth want to be on safer side, and don't wish to go through a series of failed relationships. Some people lose all hopes of living, or finding love again, after a failed relationship. After losing her hubby, making her mind up to start dating again and getting committed to someone can be tough. Exclusive relationship is dating only one person at a time, and there's no one else involved.

'Cause in the end, what matters is that you both have fun together.

If you've decided to give each other the girlfriend-boyfriend tag, and still the relationship status doesn't change, only then you need to worry!

Here’s why we need to be exclusive even though we’re not official yet: I’m taking a chance on you.

When you’ve been single forever, it takes a lot to open yourself up to someone new.

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