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And if you haven't got the looks then you aint worth the time. It's because they've overrated everything it's so bad u can't believe ur eyes. Mara le airbrushing i fihla ubuhle bakhe ba nge how perfectly defined her eyebrows are on the 2nd looks silky smooth and fault free...teeth are whiter and straighter..are whiter and shape is different..the nose..look at it! Thousands - perhaps hundreds of thousands - of other images in magazines are more subtly altered.Many young women grow up having low self esteem and having eating disorders because they want to be just like Beyonce and shake that fine a**! I personally have no problem with makeup or people who wear makeup. This article is about how people have taken this beautiful thing called technological advancement and abused it to such an extent it's ridiculous! Take a look: Now on these pics of Monica, notice how the cheeks on the first pic are more identified..the nose is straighter..eyes wider and whiter...eyebrow lines perfectly defined...won't even mention the pout. ...check how the bones from her eyebrow to her nose is so defined in the 2nd pic..the shape of her face is different! In the controversy, GQ's editor Dylan Jones admitted, "Almost no picture that appears in GQ... That seems staggering: an admission that all these celebrity photos are visual lies.Dan, FHM's Deputy Art Director, said that it was a "sensitive subject" and couldn't give me any more information than the software packages used by the magazines.He did, however, let slip that the glamour shoots used airbrushing far more frequently than the fashion spreads: "they're all models.Often in the contract it states that if Pam doesn't send her picks to the photographer in 48 hours, all photos are automatically approved.I cannot keep track of the number of times we were called by a celebrities manager to remove "cough... down there it's showing to much..." aka removing camel toes.. ALLL celebrity photos are retouched, not only that often we will take a no-name model, and photograph them after the session in the same poses so we have spare body parts, even going so far as to put the celebrities head on a body they don't even own!

Melanie Sykes had a similar experience, as did Kylie, whose thong disappeared from a photo recreating the famous "Tennis Girl Scratching Her Bum" photo.I've spent years working in hollywood, and every single photo gets retouched, don't kid yourself..celebrities in general get a percentage of photo approvals, for example, Pamela Anderson on a film session would get 25% approvals, meaning that she could kill 25% of all the photos the photographer took.It's completely different to have been nipped and tucked inside some photo-editing software.It can only ever harm relations between the sexes - because, let's face it, the vast majority of airbrushed images are of women, whether for male or female consumption.

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