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With tripled cache and a number reaches thirty concerts a month.On 14 January 2014 the song ''Sem Querer'' was released on i Tunes as the first single of his career under his real name. On June 20, 2014 Ludmilla released the song "Hoje", which was part of the soundtrack of the telenovela Império on Rede Globo, and its respective music video.Hours later she recanted and announced on Twitter that she would not quit singing, but she would quit with her manager and start a new career under a new stage name, Ludmilla, her birth name.In early 2014, after making success as Mc Beyonce, Ludmilla resumed her career with new look and signed a contract with Warner Music Brazil to release her first album with the label with pop roots and removing the "MC" off her stage name. There are 16 professionals, including band, dancers, DJ, a sound technician, plus two personal stylist and two advisers.Only I found that I was being too stolen by my manager.So I did not want in my whole life, stay in that sameness, I wanted band, dancers, being an artist himself. When I try to walk with my own legs, he began to make threatnings my family, my mother, myself to death. So I wanted to tell you guys that I'm no longer singing, the MC Beyoncé is over.

The album also included the singles "Sem Querer", "Te Ensinei Certin", "Não Quero Mais" and "24 Horas por Dia".Ludmilla's voice is classified as Mid-Soprano, whose vocal extension covers 2.1 octaves.Vocal agility is the strong point of her singing, even with little apparent training, Ludmilla manages to perform sets of considerable difficulty in rapid movements, demonstrating the potential of her small and delicate singing instrument; her prior aptitude for mixed registration is not left out either.The song ''24 Horas por Dia' was released on October 15, 2015 in Brazilian radio as the fifth single from the album.The music video was released on December 18, 2015 on You Tube, and was directed by Felipe Sassi.

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The song was first posted in May 2012 and it has since accumulated more than 17 million views.

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