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The government issues warnings of incoming typhoons, and many people enjoy "typhoon tracking" by plotting the locations of the eye of the typhoon as the positions are announced on the radio.Predicting the time and place of arrival of a typhoon is tricky because they move erratically.We usually get two or three days warning that a typhoon may hit us.We make sure that we are well-stocked with canned food, drinking water, batteries for flashlights and radios, and fuel for stoves.Stupid people head to the beach to go surfing on the big waves brought in by the typhoon.Nervous boat owners move their boats to the harbor of refuge and tie them up as well as they can.Most of these have been little typhoons, or ones where the eye missed us, but a few of them have been very serious storms.The last one we experienced before leaving Guam was Supertyphoon Paka, which hit us right before Christmas, 1997. Homes are concrete bunkers built to withstand the winds.

The rain is pleasantly warm, although if you are on your way to someplace air-conditioned when it hits, you may not appreciate the shower.

Other storms have turned away and missed us at the last moment.

On several occasions, schools were canceled, the typhoon missed us, and we all had a beautiful, sunny holiday.

Are you planning to move to Guam, or looking into a job here?

Or are you just curious about what life is like out on a small island in the middle of the Pacific? The temperature here is pretty constant throughout the year; it's almost always fairly hot (in the high eighties, Fahrenheit).

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