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In the 90s and the first years of the new century more than a third of the small ads in free newspapers were for sexual services, but then these were banned and the internet took over.

Now in any large Russian city you only need to visit a few websites to find what you are looking for, whether your needs are simple or rather more upmarket.

There’s the standard steel door faced in wood, a doormat to wipe your feet, a peephole.

The only thing that’s different from the other flats in the building is the hidden camera that gives a clearer picture of whoever is on the doorstep.

Prostitution as such was not a punishable offence, although pimping was.

Clients would recognise the sign, but the police turned a blind eye to this blatant advertising.

The Bolshevik revolution of 1917 officially put an end to ‘the exploitation of man (and woman? Prostitutes started talking about their rights and even tried to set up trade unions.

The communist authorities, however, refused to accept workers in the oldest profession as members of the working class on a par with seamstresses or weavers.

Plus the fact that 50-70 people, sometimes more, and all of them men, wipe their feet on the mat every day.

Because this is St Petersburg’s largest ‘salon for intimate services’.

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So most of our days were similarly spent wandering, shopping, getting pedicures, seeing shows and re-cooperating from a whirlwind European adventure.

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