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But still men from Italy, Norway, Switzerland - where many are tall and good-looking are thoroughly in the minority in EE.

Although, being an “exotic” girl can often be exhausting and uncomfortable around immature people with little diverse life experiences, but for the most part, it is positive.

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Perhaps for Slovakians, seeing a black person isn’t such an event.

In a one hour window on the morning that I left, I saw a total of three black people.

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It's in stark contrast to what I see in England where I consistently see chubby, slovenly 5/6s with good looking guys. Words honestly fail me at how often I'm seeing tall, decent-looking guys - and smartly dressed at that - with overtly fat girls waddling in toe.

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  1. If 80% of their relationship is good, that can be enough. I immediately thought of my relationship with my husband, and realized how much I had been nagging him about certain things. It was distorting my own view of our marriage, and neither of us was happy.