Dating someone with rosacea

The four types of rosacea are erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous, and ocular.

The symptoms associated with these four types include: (2)You might mistake rosacea for another skin condition, or even downplay the condition if you have milder symptoms.

Your doctor may first prescribe a topical antibiotic or anti-inflammatory cream or gel.

(8) Topical antibiotics are common first-line treatments to reduce pink bumps, whereas a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory can reduce skin irritation that leads to redness and acneiform lesions, notes Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Los Angeles.

Your rosacea might be triggered by one of the above, or several of the above.

(8)Once your doctor makes a definitive diagnosis, you’ll work together to determine the best treatment plan for your skin. Your doctor might prescribe a medication, monitor your skin for improvement, and then recommend a different medication if the one you’re currently taking doesn’t work.

It isn’t until the condition worsens that they seek medical attention.

Although rosacea can mimic other skin problems, it also has its own distinctive signs.

But the likelihood of developing this condition is greater in people over 30. (4)Rosacea tends to occur more frequently in people of certain ethnicities, such as descendants from Scandinavian or Celtic families, who are fair-skinned with blond hair and blue eyes.

(5)This condition also occurs in people who have darker skin, but it might take longer for their doctors to diagnose rosacea, because skin redness isn’t always as apparent.

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