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What a wondrous gift they give us --we get to see what we believe by the people we keep attracting into our lives.

If we continually keep attracting someone who cheats on us, then somewhere in our unconscious is the belief that we do not deserve someone who is faithful and we are cheating our own selves out of having what we really value. If we don’t like what we see in that mirror, we can then change ourselves to attract what we want. Are you currently in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and causing you to feel stuck and helpless? Could you have misperceptions like: “I will never find someone else to love;” “I’m too old to start over;” “My kids need both parents to stay together;” “But...he/she really can’t live without me.” These are all fear- based rationalizations that we have been taught to use to keep ourselves stuck.

Instead, you may be acting as the victim of your own limiting thoughts and beliefs. You no longer need to let the apparent circumstances control you. Some things become broken to the point that they can no longer be fixed and need to be disposed of.

You have the right to live happily in the way that enhances you to the utmost.

Change those thoughts about yourself and change the situations... In our unconscious mind, there are hidden beliefs, very often misinterpretations from childhood.

If you consciously or unconsciously think you deserve to be mistreated, you will attract an abusing, deceitful lover. These thoughts might be: We are not lovable; We can never have what we want; It is too difficult to find that “right person;“ All men are cheats; Men are only interested in one thing; All that women want from a man is security from his money; W-omen crave for a man to take care of them.

In order to get what you want, you must accept the fact that YOU are totally in charge and that your relationships are a reflection of how you think you should be treated. If you are angry and resentful because your last relationship failed, you will likewise attract another who is angry and resentful, maybe not in the same way as you are but he/she will reflect your beliefs. Haven’t you noticed that oftentimes you seem to keep attracting the same kind of people only in different bodies?

Relationship Reflections You are a combination of everything that has ever happened to you!

As a result, all your relationships reflect what you think you deserve. When we understand this perception, we can then alter our beliefs and therefore, adjust the type of relationships we have been attracting.

When you make friends with your fear and know that it is there to spur you on to better things, you release its paralyzing hold on you.

You now become free to step into your new life and experiences, allowing them to come to you in the most delicious ways. Know that relationships are here to teach us about ourselves and show us how we want to be treated.

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NOW is the time to take responsibility for your feelings.

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