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Like everything Arthur owned, it was expensive, but nothing was too good for the Pendragon family, or so he had been told time and time again by his father.It was only a twenty minute drive to his apartment and he pulled into the garage. He went straight to the kitchen, placing the case on the kitchen bench and looked around."Arthur?Morgana, Arthur's step-sister, would also be attending.A family dinner he had called it, just the three of them. Arthur Pendragon, son to the well known Uther Pendragon who owned half the hill in the small town of Camelot."But I'm nearly done.""Don't stay too late," Arthur said and Gwen smiled."I won't. Arthur had met her before and had found her sweet and caring so he hired her. Gwen was a hard worker and always strived to do her best and made Arthur's life a lot easier.Have a good night Arthur."Arthur nodded and walked down the hallway and into the elevator. The elevator dinged and Arthur stepped out and through the glass door that led to the parking lot.

" Merlin panted on Arthur, gently kissing his collar bone."Hmm," Arthur hummed, trying to catch his breath."What made it bad? " Arthur asked."Designing a new logo for one of the local businesses," Merlin said, tapping Arthur's collar bone.It didn't take long for their clothes to be shed off and before they were tangled with each other in the sheets.The air was heavy with sweat and the smell of sex, panting moans and whines the only sounds.Arthur grabbed his briefcase and stepped out of the car, locking it behind him and headed to the door. " a male voice called and Arthur grinned and waited.A scruffy looking man came wandering down the hall. His dark hair was a mess but he grin was stunning."Your home," he beamed and went to Arthur."Hello Merlin," Arthur beamed and pulled Merlin into a kiss. Arthur was studying law and Merlin was studying creative Arts and had bumped into each other on campus. Arthur had been having a bad day and was being more of an arrogant prat than usual to everyone around him. Merlin had apologized over and over, ready to buy him another and Arthur lost it. Arthur had stopped his rant and was immediately taken aback when Merlin had put him in his place.

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Merlin moaned, threading his fingers through Arthur's hair and holding him close.

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