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Split Follows Long Engagement: Hudson and Otunga had been engaged for about 10 years before they separated.She was often asked about their wedding plans in interviews.These days, Otunga moonlights as a host and commentator for WWE.Thanks to his background as a former wrestler and lawyer, he also helps out with legal issues.As for David Otunga’s wife, or soon-to-be-wife, she is on the same page.

Otunga's lawyer said his client "does not own a firearm" and that the firearm in question was a "prop that he used for an audition, just as he told her it was at the time she saw it in their house."Separate Rooms: Hudson says that her and Otunga's 10-year relationship began to "deteriorate" this past April and that they have been sleeping in separate rooms for at least six months.Keep reading for more details about David Otunga, right here! David Otunga’s WWE connection goes way back to the years he used to wrestle for them.He is a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and one of the big draws for the WWE.She has said she does not believe in divorce and wanted to be completely sure about her relationship before tying the knot.Next Court Date: Hudson and Otunga are due in court on December 7.

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