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You'd almost forget that they were famous, if not for the fact that they have a whole reality show dedicated to their marriage.But if there's anything we can learn from Jessie James and Eric Decker, it's that sometimes, lurking on your friends' friends totally pays off and works out.In March 2014, Jessie James gave birth to a daughter, Vivianne Rose, and earlier this year, Decker announced she's expecting again — this time a boy.In between, the couple's been busy gushing about their love all over Instagram.The National Enquirer published the pictures where January Gessert, the woman Reggie Bush is supposedly seeing, and a friend are seen leaving Bush’s home at 7 am, later Bush is photographed leaving at 11 am.A representative for Bush told the Enquirer that Gessert is dating a friend of Bush’s and that they simply met at his house. ” Bush and his Twitter followers continued to make fun of the speculations making jokes about taking pictures with a friend’s mom so the blogs could start rumors that Bush likes to date cougars.

Later the group was seen arriving at Bush’s home where the women stayed until the next morning.

Reggie Bush has responded to the rumors via his Twitter: “Clarification 4 the dummies aka the media, January is a long time friend of mine & has been dating my best friend for 6 months. Clearly Reggie Bush has a sense of humor and won’t let cheating rumors get to him.

The most likely reason why news outlets were quick to pick up the story is the fact that cheating scandals are hot right now thanks to Tiger Woods.

Before she was married to Kanye West or even Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian — in case you somehow have forgotten — dated Reggie Bush for awhile.

They did a GQ photoshoot and he was occasionally on her reality show and then, because this happens sometimes, they broke up.

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