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So, to speed it up and only securely erase files from a specific folder that has already been deleted, type the path to the folder after the “ You should replace “Users\Kenny\Documents” with your username and the name of the folder you want it to apply to.

If you’re not sure of the file path of the folder you want to securely erase data from, navigate to it in File Explorer and copy the path from the address bar in the window.

To securely overwrite everything that has been deleted on your C: drive, type: This won’t impact files and folders on your C: drive that haven’t been deleted, so your data is safe.

However, it’s likely that you’ve deleted quite a few files and so there will be a lot to overwrite and this process could take a while.

There’s a big difference between dragging files to the Recycle Bin or pressing delete, and erasing them securely.

With first method you merely make the space the files occupy available for use, and the files can be easily recovered.

That means that the file can be recovered using any decent file recovery tool.

If, for example, you run a business and store customer details, when it’s time to remove those details to comply with data protection regulations, you should securely delete them, rather than just dragging the file to the Recycle Bin.Most of the time when we erase files on a computer, we just drag them to the recycle bin or press Delete. However, deleting files like that doesn’t actually remove them from your hard drive.All it does is updating the file directory to remove the entry for that file and making the space it occupied available for other files.The second writes over them multiple times so they can never be used again.Clean My PC makes it very simple to erase files securely and has multiple other features to make your computer safer and cleaner.

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