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My mate did this about 25 years ago and was earning around £10 per hour even then!

She did say you need a strong stomach and the ability to not burst out laughing I would have thought though that with the internet, people would use sex chat lines less and less these days.

I could well do with an extra £200 a week though - who couldn't? There was an ad on the telly last night for a programme on the ladies who do this - called phone sex - think it was channel 4?

Maybe we could all watch it then give opinions would hate to rule a good career choice out just for being uninformed!

To get started with the best UK based website for phone sex and live adult cams you need to be over 18 years of age.

she did it for the laugh-but got bored and sleazed out Same friend also was a receptionist in a brothel.Hmm, is probably the least of all evils, but its still a job within the sex trade, i.e. £200 per week sounds wonderful, but not at the expense of my dignity, thanks.So I guess YANBU as its your choice, but it wouldn't be for me personally.got through, it was a recording of woman saying "When are you gonna get off your fat, lazy arse and do some work round here" etc, etc.Brilliant I thought, however she was prosecuted under Italian Trades description and given hefty fine .

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