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This strategy minimises the garbage collection pause, meaning the time spent garbage collecting is reduced as much as possible.Class verification is where the JVM sifts through your class files when they’re loaded and verifies that class data is not corrupt or invalid.

You can learn more about the tool on the JRebel product pages, and install directly through the marketplace.An example of such an annoyance might be the build time of your project.Perhaps you use Maven as your a build tool of choice? Well, the good thing is that you’re reading this post!Firstly, and least importantly, it’s super shiny and you’ll make all your friends and colleagues feel jealous and old fashioned when they realise their Eclipse version isn’t named after a popular chocolate bar.Secondly and more importantly, the Eclipse foundation do put a lot of work in to make Eclipse more performant, so you may as well make use of these enhancements in the newer versions.

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