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Getting the shovel is actually all we need to do here!

So now we can pull the island map back up and head back to the jungle where the guy stuck in the tree was!

Now go talk to the guy that fell out of the tree and he will tell you that a few kids stole the other part of his map and he needs our help to get it back!

When he runs away, lets pull the map back up and head to the fortress. When you get to the pile of the garbage, some garbage will fall along with something we need to pick up! When you get the Goblet, go ahead and pull the map up and we will need to head over to the water fall.

Cheats or Hint: When you do this, all of the Dodo birds will run after the fish as it flops away!

With the help of our Paradise Island 2 Cheats hack engine 5.1 version, you can easily generate unlimited coins and crystals on the game in your ios and android devices.

Now take out the lens we found to light the rope on fire which is going to blow up all of the rocks!

Cheats or Tip: This is going to change the flow of the river! When you get to the fortress you will see that the water will allow us to continue past that pile of garbage we found the Goblet in earlier.

When you get to the water fall, go left and jump into the water.

Once in the water, take out your Goblet and catch a fish with it!

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