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One might be able to suspend disbelief with another actress, but having a real star on there, it just crushes that illusion.

A visit to the Blue website gives a little more image, but not enough to tell if it is Evangeline Lilly.

She was offered a contract, and although she liked to act, she had no interest in being a model or being a celebrity, then rejected the offer to sign with the agency.

In January 2004, Evangeline attended partial auditions for the first time and in March 2004 she was doing the pilot program for . Thanks to this, in 2005 it was cataloged by Maxim magazine as the second sexiest woman in the world, behind the also actress Eva Longoria.

She has also been named “one of the 50 most beautiful people” by People magazine. But I also constantly yo-yo between wanting to do this for a long time, wanting to achieve a certain level of respect in this industry, and then at the other end of the scale wanting to run for the hills screaming “this is terrifying and I want out.” After the end of Season One of the series, Lily moved to Rwanda, to help a friend with some missionary work.

She was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actress-Drama, for Lost, on 14th December, 2006. This sudden move was attributed to her Christian morals being rankled by what she saw around her in Hollywood.

As a child, Evangeline was athletic and tomboy, known for climbing trees. From a gawky, freckle-faced, buck-toothed tomboy, she evolved into a beautiful, curvy woman.

This caused her a lot of pain, since her male companions looked at her differently and her old friends hated her.

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