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Here’s a handy guide to where Killing Eve is and isn’t. The entire eight-episode season of Killing Eve is available on the BBC i Player. K, this should be your number one platform to catch up on the series. Somewhat bizarrely, Killing Eve is not on the BBC America website. Killing Eve is not available on any of the international Netflix versions or NOW TV.

In fact, they point in the direction of streaming platform Hulu! As you may have guessed, the best way to watch Killing Eve is via online streaming service Hulu.

There is no way they are actually rowing those boats all the way to the "deserted island" that still happens to be accessible to high tech filming equipment, crew and caterers.2. I once attempted to kayak for one minute and thought my arms were about to drop off.3. Probably had to make the rafts as one of those lame team building exercises.12. They've been talking for five minutes and I've kind of forgotten they're naked...20. PLOT TWIST: There's another naked man on the island! Scratch that - more men AND women, naked, on the island!

I've only just realised they're not even speaking English, but Dutch.13. Note to self: Look up and see if the folks in Holland are big nudists.15.

EVE is a new dating app designed with the modern woman in mind.

On EVE, male users are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how often they swipe right: The more they do, the lower their score--and vice versa.

We're talking completely, totally, unabashedly starkers strangers on my screen with EVERYTHING on full display.(Yes, really EVERYTHING.)It was pm on a Tuesday. It was so cringe-y and strangely compelling that I couldn't look away. By the end I'd had A LOT of thoughts, but they were nothing to do with romance. Alright, now the potential soulmates are actually meeting after they've ~ just happened ~ to both wash up on the same beach sans clothes.18.

"Having covered everything from sport to health and fitness with companies such as Men's Health and HITC, writing about the ridiculous antics of the Made in Chelsea crew is by far the most enjoyable." Award-winning crime-thriller Killing Eve is one of the hottest series online right now, with many viewers looking to catch up on the series before season 2 drops later in the year.

Not the glimpse-of-something-that-looks-like-something naked of a medical programme. ) turned out to be a Dutch program Just like any normal first meeting, right? Speaking of cooking, for the love of god can someone (I'm looking at you, producers) please get these people some sunscreen?

And not even the carefully-pixelated nakedness of even the most raucous reality TV. After 30 seconds when my eyes had finally adjusted and I realised I wasn't imagining things, I pressed the 'info' button to work out what on earth I was watching. Perhaps the most surprising part (yes, even more so than having surprise gentials in your ((figurative)) face) was that five minutes later, I was still watching.

For those in the States, it is known as Hulu, while the platform is called Hayu in the U.

The other night I was flicking through the TV channels, looking desperately for something to watch that wasn’t cricket, when I stumbled upon something that made me double-take. Not sensual naked people in a TV or movie love scene.

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