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I would do it myself but I'm not a member of their forum. A Painter 4 paint can is proudly on display here in my room. Dearest AUS, if it's allowed, I would like to add something for BLD. when i uploaded my piece on 2616 i sorta noticed the hints of the minstrel/blackface racist character... (it was unintentional, stemming from, as far as i can tell, poorly drawn mouth on our sito pal, Stip, star of impulse freak... The cartoonist of this particular bit of comic is Steven Notley, creator of Bob the Angry Flower. Ray Tapajna is featured at Tapart News and Art that Talks at His topical art portrays our times in the global economic arena combined with his editorial cartoons.

"There is a time for masturbation and there is also a time for sex, everyone on earth shall go for the first..." Warning! This appropriation of Picasso at the Bikes Not Bombs website reminds me that EHO appropriated the Minotaur, not Atlas. I'm gonna jump thru my 9th floor window right now and put an end to this misery! There's a play opening at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles titled THE BLACK RIDER that's a collaboration between singer Tom Waits and the late William S. I don't know if the collaboration occurred after Burrough's death or not. This comic is at: Being a fan of the comic, the references to conformity on 1528 made me think of this immediately. "The foreground of this square [level 700] looks like a tombstone. Maybe the 'dream center of my brain' was thinking about DGT's contribution to level 696." The tombstone/condom square of mine from level 664 predates Gizmo's death. See for a gallery that includes his unique sports art too.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Elvis Costello interviewed Eddie Izzard last week. Yo I heard that the founder of desybil is now make in it happen with Tercera Vizion the Latin Hip-Hop sensation from Miami check it out Vizion The Ad Flip site was cool - but I think they just ripped of the publically funded Scriptorium which has Vintage Ads (Ad Access) as well as old sheet music, books, and other cool scannage. All entries will be posted on the information automatically encoded into JPEG image by most digital cameras when the picture is taken. (it seems also that the latest photoshop version also adds it to JPEGs, which is a little weird, but fine, i guess.) some detailed information -- Okay, BLD there's: BAZ, the "rules" are the same... Of course, the other stand-out characteristic is that it is a TOTALLY UNIQUE project. "i don't google photos and use [them] because they almost all have copyrights ...." Congratulations, JIT, for choosing to create all of your gridwork by hand. Well - sort of like that I have always wanted to throw out pieces of things I found ( for a panel ) for whatever whim or..."some material? But then again, as I said in chat, that's the pussy." No, I think that's supposed to be a fox in 1430-c3, Darren. Whoops - Now there's nothing to connect for the next level.

Wanting to echo the color and theme in the corner of my panel I decide to do a search. This Mad Scientist would go nicely with the colorized slime green monster from Mel Brooks _Young Frankenstein_ in 821 c-3, IMHO. Ray Tapajna is featured at Tapart News and Art that Talks at His topical art portrays our times in the global economic arena combined with his editorial cartoons. It's part of Bike Portland's "Made In Portland" bicycle art show. PANIC will start this Sunday December 10 during Gracie's Brunch in Portland, Oregon ( People will be uploading portraits using the new web PANIC interface: ( You will then have 5 days to play... He plays the clavichord and French horn with the Berkeley Opera orchestra, writes fiction, and codes software such as Omni Page and Motet . Check out our large selection of [a href=" gold[/a] . UWI, I wanted to test the new upload helper, but BAZ beat me to the punch and reserved 918-a1 before I could finish my JPEG. sez: "Investigators are exploring a variety of theories, including that a single deranged... It is not one of the artworks listed on this site but this one has good info: This is the site where I found the image FYI I have not checked out the... To renew your registration please visit your registrar. Merkur Super safety razor blades are manufactured in Bolingen, Germany. I just finished putting the touches on It's a website that allows people to create art collaboratively. Other galleries include His art is also certified as BIAM ( Bank of...

He is more productive than Thomas Edison was and - one of his newest ideas: Compostable and eatable toys... Johnoh, it's been around at least three, maybe four years? this was from 20 months ago or and from the demo scene, but the original was an anime, not sure of the source...

Hey hey, That there is a funny lil link yu left in da gridpoem there JER.., Made me think of this flash movie (which he-fucking-larious) Maybe it could prove to be good foder for the grid. Ohls, Yes, I visited your place earlier wondering where you were coming from. Curious about the name behind the initials B L & D Swedish? John uh, that's in the context of *when* society decides to make their same old wars on one or another group of fully unprepared people.

I know we all use Google search, but finding free, high resolution images is sometime tricky. NOT LOGED IN , BUT JUST THOUGHT WOULD SAY 'HOWDY' FROM THE MOHAVE DESERT, AND DID I READ YOU HAVE 'SETTLED' DOWN SOMEWHERE? I like what Mikey done done with that nightmare theme erupting.... It is cool to see so many SITOIDS on so few levels. Please let me know here or by emailing me at [email protected] you've received this email: OBJECT : Biennale Internazionale dell Arte Contemporanea Citt di Firenze - Italia Dear Artist : We are glad to inform you that we are selecting...great! And I assume you caught the little bit of ELP that came after it :-) I think I may wanna do another one, another series, after I am done with this thing for Sortez la Chienne ( reference Quite glad you like it. [a href=" wow gold[/a] to every aspect for [a href=" gold[/a]. We have [a href=" of Warcraft gold[/a] for selling, [a href=" wow gold[/a] making, instances and tons more. PROTEST TO DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE END TO THE INVESTIGATION OF STEVE KURTZ AND THE CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE WHEN: 9 AM, June 15, 2004 WHERE: Niagara Square, Buffalo, New York, near the courthouse (see "Driving Directions" below for map) PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS CALL AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN. which basically meant killing people; primarily native americans or other "settlers", i suppose..

We probably all have some great links in our bookmark folders, we should get them... A dear friend of mine, Dragonfly Dream, has been battling cancer since December and writing of her experiences on her website: The thing I love most about her is her humor. 7k - Cached - Similar pages MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_Part_36050_11392375.1143922432479" ------=_Part_36050_11392375.1143922432479 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: inline -- is this a defunct link? :-) Oh yes, in agreement with Roz: is the Omnireport... [a href=" wow gold[/a] to every aspect for [a href=" gold[/a]. anyway, the main reason i chose it was that its name... If you want to participate, you'll have to travel to the Raja Restaurant in Berkeley, California. Many may remember the excellent and infamous Robbie Conal 1988 street poster of George Bush with 'Can't Happen Here' stamped on ol George Sr's face.

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A new book of comics has been published, produced by an aquaintance of mine named Danny Hellman. Here is an example of what it has done while in there(here). Project: SITO Map Rectangular(a square is a rectangle) images are submitted with an earthbound lattitude (width) -180,180 and... Visions of the Emerald Beyond Between Nothingness and Eternity Birds of Fire The Inner Mounting Flame Are these songs "conceptual blending? The Hygrid is a little bit like what you're talking about I think. wow, i'm glad you left that message not too long ago. Here's some information from my side of the fence on level 1500: SNY, did you get blisters on your fingers? It's hard to tell which one goes with which panel this way. I am a painter and sculptor who would like very much to connect with a patron of the arts, or a peer with equipment to spare.

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