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Diaper lovers are generally people who enjoy wearing diapers without a medical need to do so or enjoy watching others wear diapers for sexual enjoyment, but without the associated role-playing as a baby.

However, as people often start to show interest in the ABDL world around puberty, there is a common risk for underage teens to enter the community either online or in real life, where they may be at risk.Often a person will need to wear a diaper for medical reasons such as incontinence, and begin to enjoy the sensation and the search for better, more comfortable, or more feature-rich briefs.For others, wearing a diaper in public under regular clothing simply feels naughty or secretive, without necessarily being arousing.Diaper lovers generally enjoy plush, soft diapers with a thick backsheet, high absorbency, and those which are leak-proof and as comfortable as possible.Online surveys have shown that about half of all diaper lovers choose to wear their diapers daily, rather than as an occasional thing.

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