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Before you run an invalidation, consider the following: Object invalidations typically take from 60 to 300 seconds to complete.

You can check the status of an invalidation by viewing your distribution from the Cloud Front console.

Moderation analyses revealed a 3-way interaction, indicating that the maternal invalidation and BPD symptoms association varied by degree of conformity and self-construal.

Among participants with interdependent self-construal, maternal invalidation was associated with BPD symptoms only at high conformity levels.

Overall, the study found empirical support for aspects of Linehan’s biosocial model in an Asian context, and has implications for developing a culturally-informed understanding of BPD.

Why isn't my Amazon S3 content updating on Cloud Front? By default, Cloud Front caches a response from Amazon S3 for 24 hours (Default TTL of 86,400 seconds).

If your request lands at an edge location that served the Amazon S3 response within 24 hours, Cloud Front uses the cached response even if you updated the content in Amazon S3.

I'm using Amazon Cloud Front to serve objects stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

I updated my objects in S3, but my Cloud Front distribution is still serving the previous versions of those files.

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