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"Our users would never disclose their actual location. So for example it just says, 'the user is within one mile.'" The latest statistics from Tinder headquarters in Los Angeles shows its popularity.It now makes some two million matches per day and has 150 million profile ratings.Grindr, the popular social network for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people, uses location data from its member's devices to facilitate real-life connections.It’s a mobile-first app — meaning that it's optimized for use on mobile devices such as i Phones, i Pads, and Android phones and tablets.Likewise, some features of Grindr might not work as expected because the program is used in an environment for which it wasn't intended.One of the biggest concerns is whether location information shows up correctly, or if it even shows up at all.If you're single and frustrated that no-one around you is chatting you up because they're all playing with their phones, then fear not! The smartphone app uses GPS to find people near you.It matches you up using your existing profile data on Facebook to show whether you have any friends or interests in common. If you like them, you swipe to the right, if you don't, you swipe to the left.

"And obviously Tinder is all about the photos." "What was different about it was that on OK Cupid you'd normally exchange quite lengthy messages, that's the kind of genre, so by the time you've met up you know quite a bit about them..just kind of know a bit too much." She went on a date that she describes as "more like a real-life interaction" and "more like meeting someone at a bar or at a party" - though the second date didn't go well. () Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new project aimed at bringing affordable Internet access to the developing world.

"The trajectory that we're on right now internationally in many countries is very much in line with the growth that we saw in the US in January, where we grew by like five to ten percent day-to-day," Mateen says.

Tinder is the night It's proving particularly successful among 20-something Londoners.

Alex (not his real name) met his current girlfriend via the app. When you match with someone it says, 'do you want to start chatting or do you want to keep playing?

"I'd been on a few dates and I'd thought, 'well, these aren't really the right kind of people.' But because Tinder links through Facebook, immediately you think, well, I'm going to like you because we have three or four friends in common and I can stalk you through them and find out more about you." "The app is well-designed," says Alex. ' I mean, it literally is saying 'I am a game.'" Mateen thinks Tinder is popular because it's less artificial than other websites which rely on carefully-constructed profiles.

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She already had concerns that Tinder was seen by some as a casual sex app, rather than an app for people looking for a relationship. Called, the effort brings together leading global technology firms.

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