German dating ettiquette

This means that if you see a German man you want, you will probably want to consider making the first move or initiating contact.

If you are going to try and bat your eyes and make flirtatious gestures in an effort to capture the attention of a German man and prompt him to ask you out, be ready for a disappointment.

if your spending alot of time together and he is a nice guy, then give him some!

(oh monkey nuts - I think I realise what I'm doing wrong...) I have a feeling best things in live usually just happen, not being actively sought for..

In Germany, there is a sense of community and social conscience and strong desire for belonging.

To admit inadequacy -- even in jest -- is incomprehensible.

Significant changes were witnessed during and after World War II, when due to shortages of men, women came to hold positions of authority. They aimed for higher education and became a significant part of the country’s workforce and at the same time kept house.

When you meet a German for the first time, polite German customs require you to err on the side of conservatism: Make direct eye contact with your new acquaintance; shake hands briefly, but firmly; use a formal greeting such as “.“ (”Good morning, Ms Müller.

German customs place lots of emphasis on the correct form of address and a person’s title, particularly if you interact with business contacts, a person you have never met before, the elderly, and people entitled to your respect (e.g.

It is rude to shake hands with one hand in your pocket and don’t put them your pockets when conversing with someone. Being on time is an important part of social etiquette.

For business meetings and social occasions punctuality is taken seriously.

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