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To streamline the communication towards our customers, all the product lines within Construction, General Industry and Oil & Gas will be named and labelled “Alimak”.

Consequently, the Hek products, representing transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms, and the Heis-Tek products, including traction elevators for offshore operations, will all simply be rebranded to “Alimak”.

It wasn't the type of sadness that comes from breaking up because I didn't have a real relationship with any of these guys.

Instead, it was the type of sadness that comes from within when you don't recognize yourself.

The elevators will improve operational efficiency, give superior HSE performance and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial application.

Something was wrong with my body, my habits and my mindset. The most staggering part about herpes is that I have to acknowledge it forever. My best friend and roommate knew something was wrong, and eventually I confessed to her with choked words and tears.

The pain was telling me to stop and face the truth. She comforted me, and I realized in a big way how receiving it was to have someone know.

I’ve ghostwritten material before, in fact even other blogs. I charge a fee for this, which gets rather tricky when my friends approach me and ask me to write one for them “as a favor.” In instances like this, bartering seems to be the best approach. The doctor and I got along famously, just as well in fact as we did when he first hired me to write his dating profile and then again in the recovery room after he’d taken out my daughter’s tonsils. Thank you for your medical barter — Can you give me a quick eye-lift next week too? And I love how you had me say, “All in vein.” Ha ha.

Consider this: You may have just come from reading another post on Word Press that I am secretly the author of? For instance, I recently did a complimentary profile for a local eligible bachelor acquaintance who just happened to be a renowned surgeon. I wouldn’t have thought being so punny could turn a woman on so much.

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