Insecurity in dating relationship

We all want to feel needed by our partners, but we also want some degree of independence. When she’s in a relationship, there is no “you” or “I,” only “we” and “us.” Again, we all cut down on time with our buddies when we’re in a relationship, but hers have completely vanished to the point where you’re wondering if they ever even existed in the first place. She likes all the movies you like, reads all the same books and is content to watch you play video games for four hours.But she’s not bringing anything to the table, and you’ll get bored pretty quickly.This is just an attempt to control the relationship, and by extension, you.She’s making all the decisions in an effort to limit your options.We sat down at a table in the back of the restaurant and three minutes later, an extremely attractive single mom sat down next to us with her two young children.

She’ll make you feel like you just left your baby in the grocery store.Insecure people do tend to get abandoned (because they’re annoying as hell), and she has no shortage of stories that end with her getting screwed over.Watch out if you’re considering diminishing those feelings, no matter how insane they sound. She goes nuts on you over some little thing, then moments later wants to cuddle up and tell you how much she loves you? They cheated, their accomplishments are meaningless, they don’t deserve it, etc.Does she celebrate when someone she doesn’t like gets fired or dumped? You tell her how much you got done today and she insists she did more.You tell her you about a trophy you got as a kid and she tells you about the time she was in the paper.

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