Interracial dating korean men

A Korean woman who holds hands with a Western man risks being occasionally harangued, called a ''whore,'' or even slapped or spat upon.

This is becoming less common, but even so, part of the reason Mr.

Thus while there are exceptions, for many Koreans the idea of interracial dating seems an affront to Korean patriotism and to ''pure'' blood lines.

For instance, a Columbia University study says he has to make 7,000 more than a white guy.

And certainly, the advent of photo-based swipe apps like Tinder and Bumble hasn’t helped our cause and has only exacerbated racial dating behavior.

Just ask our gay brethren who have to deal with “Sorry, No Asians” on dating profiles on apps like Grindr.

Such romances offer a window into the society, for they touch some of the most sensitive nerves in the Korean psyche -- relating to national identity, to attitudes toward foreigners and to ideals about the purity of women.'' I'd like to settle down with my girlfriend, and I wonder if her family would ever accept me,'' mused Frank A.

Dressler, a 36-year-old American who has been going out with a Korean woman in Seoul for two years.

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