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Every case is different and different approaches may be used depending on the circumstances.In almost all instances a person who has negotiated for their charges to be diverted into a domestic violence program can avoid a conviction if they successfully complete their program and are not arrested for any other charges. Burglary III pursuant to subdivision (1) or subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of Section 13A-7-7.

In addition, a conviction for a criminal offense and, even the accusation of a criminal offense can affect one's rights to possess or carry firearms.

A convicted felon to not have access to any firearms or ammunition or do anything by which they could be found to be in direct or constructive possession of a firearm. Criminally negligent homicide pursuant to Section 13A-6-4.

Alabama law prohibits the possession of a firearm by violent felons, drug addicts, drunkards and individuals who have been convicted of a domestic violence crime or were deemed of unsound mind.

In some instances, your lawyer might choose to present, prior to trial the evidence that you are wrongly accused.

In some circumstances, your lawyer may wish to wait and reveal this information during the course of your trial.

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