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When she continued to act out, her parents sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland, but when she returned a teenager, she hadn't changed much.

She began working for Newman Enterprises in the mailroom and fell for the older Ryan Mc Neil.

Victoria started a fling with Travis Crawford, and he urged her to leave all the family drama behind and sail away with him, but she declined.

Victor was released from prison and took back control of Newman Enterprises, so Victoria found herself going back into business with Billy to run Brash & Sassy.

Aside from a brief leave of absence in 1997 where she was temporarily replaced by Sarah Aldrich, Tom stayed with Y&R until 2003.

However, she eventually dumped him over his dark and violent nature. After divorcing him, Victoria left town to get her head together, during which time J. But when that union was declared invalid, the couple remarried properly, so Victor had his daughter arrested on her wedding day to prevent the ceremony from taking place! But it was really Daniel Romalotti’s daughter with Daisy Carter, and Phyllis helped her son fight for custody.

She had a brief relationship with Michael Baldwin, but frustrated with her family’s actions during the ongoing Jabot/Newman feud, Victoria decided to leave town to study art history in Italy. (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI) In 2005, Victoria returned hoping to pick up where she left off with Michael, but he had married Lauren Fenmore. Hellstrom herself, so after the end of her marriage, she found herself pregnant and the babydaddy was in question. After Billy left town for a while, Victoria tracked him down and they reconciled and remarried.

Victoria then found herself attracted to new stablehand Cole Howard, and they also married young, but that quickly ended when they feared they were brother and sister!

However, after Victor discovered evidence to the contrary, he ordered blood tests that proved he wasn’t Cole’s father.

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Later, he got enrolled at the University College of North Wales (renamed Bangor University) where he studied Drama and English but dropped out before graduating.

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